Why you should have sex daily? 14 wonderful benefits!


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Sex is our physical and mental need, which helps to bring the intimacy and chemistry between the couples to a new dimension. When we are saying that, sex is our physical and mental needs, then mind and physical health must also benefit from it and this is also proven by science and scientists. It has been proved in many research that, by having sex, our body keeps away from many problems and we get mental peace. Which is very important for a happy life. So let’s know the most wonderful benefits of having sex?

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What are the benefits of sex for your brain?

First of all, lets know what are the benefits of sex that our brain receives.

1. Sex makes you happy:

When you have sex, your brain releases dopamine hormone, which plays an important role in providing you happiness and peace. When you are happy, sufficient amount of oxygen reaches the body and all the organs of the body to work in a better and healthier way. We can indirectly associate the functioning of the body organs with your happiness. When you are happy then you are able to do your daily activities comfortably and also make better decisions.

2. Sex reduces stress and depression:

Stress occurs to everyone and is a natural and normal process. But, when it lasts for a long time and you cannot control it, then there is a danger of turning it into depression or chronic depression. Chronic depression can also prove fatal for a person. But, as we have just told you, as a benefit of sex, you start to be happy. Being happy, you can promote positive thinking and try your best to bring your life on the right track.

3. Sex helps to relieve Headache:

Stress can be an important reason for having a headache. Sex reduces stress along with headaches. Apart from this, sex can also relieve you from physical stress. It has also been proved in many studies that by having sex, you also get relief from the pain of migraines.

4. Sex helps to have better sleep:

Sleep is very important to relax our bodies. But, due to stress, etc., it gets disturbed. During sex, your body produces ‘Oxytocin’. This hormone is also called the love hormone and during orgasm, the ‘Endorphin’ hormone is also released. Both these hormones help you to get better sleep by calming your mind. When your body gets enough sleep, it feels more energetic and relaxed.

5. Sex increases Libido:

Libido means the desire for having sex. Research says that having sex arouses the desire to have sex and improves your libido. If you have less sexual desire, then that’s maybe a problem due to stress, poor blood circulation, etc. But, having sex improves the body and boosts your libido.

6. Sex makes your relationship strong:

By having sex, a person remains strong mentally and physically and can express his feelings very well. Due to this healthy living and expressing emotions, partners in the relationship be happy and their relationship gets strong.

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What are the benefits of sex for your body?

Earlier we have discussed the benefits of sex that our brain receives. Now let’s discuss the various benefits of sex that our body receives:

7. Sex increases immunity:

Having sex strengthens our immunity which helps our body to fight against germs or viruses in a better way. In one research, college students who had sex once or twice a week found higher levels of antibodies in their bodies than students who had less sex. A second study revealed that people who are in a relationship or have sex regularly have higher levels of Immunoglobin-A in Saliva. On the other hand, it is low in the Saliva of people who do not have regular sex.

8. Sex is an exercise:

The most attractive point of the sex benefits is that by having sex you get as much benefit as you get from doing a workout or exercise. According to researches, having intercourse burns a lot of calories in our bodies, which reduces the fat stored in our body and keeps almost all the muscles of our body active.

9. Sex helps to relieve minor physical pain:

If you face some minor pain in the body every day, then you can get relief by having sex. Because, sex produces the ‘Endorphin’ hormone in the body, which works as a painkiller. Apart from this, the pain caused by physical stress can also be relieved by having sex.

Extra benefits of having regular sex:

  1. Having sex regularly strengthens your body’s muscles.
  2. Increases the amount of testosterone in the body of men.
  3. You can get glorious skin.
  4. Increases the pelvic floor muscles of women and control the bladder better.
  5. Blood circulation and blood pressure are also in control of the body.

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