What is oral sex? Why do people like it?

Oral Sex

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Any person of any sexuality can have sex in many ways. Such as oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex. It depends entirely on the likes and dislikes and physical abilities of both partners. In this article, we will tell you in detail about oral sex, what is oral sex, how it is done, what precautions should be taken in doing it, and why it is preferred among the youth. Because, oral sex is quite an interesting and enjoyable way, which can be achieved only by doing it in the right way and with full precautions.

What is oral sex?

As its name suggests itself, it’s an oral activity. Oral means that one’s mouth, tongue, lips, etc. are used in this activity. So oral sex means using one partner’s own mouth, tongue, lips, etc. to stimulate the genitals, anus, or sensitive body parts of another partner. Both men and women can practice it equally. In it, oral activity is played with the partner’s penis, vagina, or anus.

Why is oral sex being liked so much?

If oral sex is said to be the product of the porn industry, it will not be wrong to a great extent. It has full contribution to the industry’s publicity. However, gay couples and lesbian couples got the most benefit from it. They got a chance to explore a new dimension for physical pleasure. It also became popular among heterosexual couples.

However, it is not that oral sex is just a product of the porn industry. In many forms, you also get to see and read it in Kamasutra. This means that oral sex is not a new activity. Rather, it has been considered a part of sexual intercourse since ancient times.

We explained the reason behind the choice of oral sex for sex couples but it’s not limited to them, it is also pleasing to every person especially to the youth. There are two reasons for this: First, it is very helpful for men as well as women to reach the climax and to have an orgasm, and secondly, it is considered as the easiest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy without any deficiency in Pleasure.

While foreplay is necessary to achieve full enjoyment of sex, oral sex cannot be separated from foreplay. Oral sex includes actions like kissing, sucking, biting, rubbing, teasing, fingering, etc.

How many types of oral sex are there?

After oral sex, let us discuss how many types it has. It is divided on the basis of physical organs. Here are the following oral sex types:

Fellatio: In this type of oral sex, the partner’s penis is stimulated with another partner’s tongue, mouth, or lips. This type is also known as oral penile contact.

Cunnilingus: In this type of oral sex, a women’s vulva or vagina, especially the clitoris, is orally stimulated by her partner’s lips or tongue. This type is also known as oral vaginal contact.

Analingus: In this type of oral sex, the anus of the person is stimulated by the lips, mouth, or tongue of his/her partner. This type is also called oral-anal contact.

What are the benefits of oral sex?

After knowing what oral sex is, let’s take a look at its benefits. The benefits of oral sex includes the full benefits of sex as it is a process of complete sex. Let us know about the benefits of oral sex:

  • Improve blood circulation in your body.
  • It helps to burn calories.
  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • Produce healthy skin and hair.
  • Decrease depression and anxiety.
  • Keeps your mind free.
  • It helps make sex interesting after marriage.

Does oral sex eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancy?

According to the CDC, the risk of unwanted pregnancy from oral sex is minimal, but this does not mean that it also protects against sexually transmitted diseases. You can come in contact with various STDs through oral sex.

Now let’s talk about unwanted pregnancy, let us tell you that oral sex does not directly lead to conception, but experts believe that if somehow the semen of the man comes in contact with the woman’s vagina, then there may be a possibility of unwanted pregnancy. For example, if the male ejaculates during oral sex and later does vaginal sex, then semen is likely to come into contact with the vagina.

How to protect yourself against STDs during oral sex?

STD spreads from one person to another through various body fluids, including blood, pre-cum, semen, rectal fluid, breast milk, and vaginal fluid. Coming with contact with these fluids during oral sex increases the risk of syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, genital warts caused by HPV, and, to some extent, HIV. To avoid these, you can follow the following precautions. Like:

  • You should always take care of the partner’s health and the hygiene of your genitals. During anal oral sex, you should take special care of the cleanliness of the anus, because it contains a lot of dangerous bacteria. There may be a risk of infection.
  • Get yourself and your partner’s STD checked regularly.
  • You can use condoms, dental dams, tongue condoms, female condoms, plastic wrap, etc.
  • If you have oral sex, then you and your partner must get an oral screening done.
  • Do not have oral sex in case of any type of infection in periods or anus, penis, and vagina.

Disclaimer: If you face any issues related to oral sex, please consult an expert. ‘Life Blow’ does not provide any health advice, diagnosis, and treatment, etc.

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