11 easy exercises you can do at home to lose weight!


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Many of us think that there is only one way to lose weight and stay fit and that is to go to the gym and sweat. If you think so, then you are wrong. Because, to lose weight, you neither need to go to the gym nor spend money.

You can also stay in shape by doing some easy exercises at home and lose weight comfortably. But, for this, you should know which exercises you should do. By doing the right exercise daily, you can lose weight. Know about weight loss exercises. Don’t forget to know how they are done.

Weight loss Exercises

Following exercises are the easiest you can do at home to lose your weight:


With the help of a rope, you can get many health benefits. Jumping rope not only increases strength but also a good exercise of the shoulders and back and increases coordination. You can reduce 500 calories by just doing this exercise for thirty minutes. This is the best weight loss exercise for you to do at home. If you do not want to go to the gym, then spend some time at home jumping rope and burn fat.

How to do skipping:

  • First, stand straight on the ground to jump rope.
  • Your legs should be connected to each other.
  • Hold the ends of the rope in both hands.
  • Now flip/rotate the rope and jump with both feet when the rope is near your feet.
  • Jump every time the rope rotates.
  • Repeat this process after taking breaks after some seconds or minutes.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:

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2.Kettlebell Swing:

It is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. It is a combination of cardio and strength training. This means that not only will your body be strengthened, but your weight will be reduced. Just you have to know the way one should do it. Kettlebells Swing Exercise is done in the following way:

How to swing a kettlebell:

  • To swing a kettlebell, stand on the ground in such a way that there is a gap between your legs.
  • Hold the kettlebell with both your hands and place your hands in front of you.
  • During this time, your waist should be very straight.
  • Move the kettlebells to your back from between your legs and now swing it.
  • Move your hips down to swing the kettlebell.
  • Swing the kettlebells forward and between your legs to start the next swing.
  • Repeat this process

See the below GIF to understand clearly:

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Running or walking on the stairs is also a good cardio or aerobics exercise. Climbing the stairs causes fat to burn. This increases the strength of many parts of the body. Along with this, this workout tones the body. Increases bone and muscle strength. To do this, all you have to do is run or walk on the stairs.

4.Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack works on your muscles. Doing this increases the heart rate and helps to burn calories. It is also called Cardio Workout. Because this leads to a full-body workout. Do not forget to try this exercise to lose weight.

How to do jumping jacks:

  • To do this exercise, stand up straight and join your legs.
  • Jump up with both feet together.
  • While jumping, move hands upwards in such a way that a “V” shape is formed by your hands.
  • Keep a little gap between the two legs while jumping and come down.
  • Repeat this process over and over.

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Squatting tones our glutes, hamstrings, cores, etc. Not only this but it is also considered good at reducing weight. Not only this but this exercise help in maintaining movements and agility. By doing squat, there is a good exercise of the lower part of the body, and the risk of injury is also reduced.

How to do Squats:

  • To squat, first stand up straight and keep your hands straight or in front of you.
  • Your spine should be straight and there should be a slight gap between your legs.
  • Now move your hips down towards the ground, as if you are sitting in a chair.
  • Stay in this position as long as possible and then come back to the starting position.
  • Repeat it over and over again.

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This exercise has a very positive effect on the core, chest, legs. You can get good results fast by doing this. Every part of your body gets good exercise only by doing it for a little while in a day. For this you need to practice a little bit. Lets learn how to do this weight loss exercise.

How to do Burpees:

  • To Burpees, add your feet and get in a squat position.
  • Now put both your palms on the ground and your feet in the back.
  • During this time, both of your legs should be connected. Now move your feet backward while jumping. During this time you will be in a state of push-ups.
  • After this, again jump and stand upright and move your hands above the head.
  • Coming down from the rest, come back to the squat position.
  • Repeat this exercise.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:

7.Forward Lunge

There are many types of lunge but Classic Forward Lunge is very effective for losing weight. Because by doing this, all muscles are exercised well. If you want to lose weight, then this exercise can be very helpful for you.

How to do Forward Lunge:

  • To do Forward Lunge, first of all, stand upright. So, there is a little difference between your legs. Now place your hands at the waist.
  • Now move your right leg forward and bend your knees.
  • During this time, your spine should be straight.
  • By doing this, your front and back legs create a 90-degree angle.
  • Similarly, stay for some time and after that move your leg back, now repeat it with the other leg.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:


Swimming burns body fat. Swimming helps in reducing weight as well as tone muscles. It is a good workout for overall health and fitness. Doing this also exercises many muscle groups and cardiovascular systems and is also helpful for boosting heart rate.

9.Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber Exercise is also used to reduce weight and keep yourself fit. Along with this, there are many other benefits of this exercise to lose weight.

How to do this exercise:

  • Start this exercise with a plan.
  • Move the right knee towards the chest without raising the hips or touching the right foot off the floor.
  • Now keep the right foot in the plank position and repeat on the other side, move the left knee towards the chest.
  • Repeat this weight loss exercise with both feet alternately.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:


You can do push-ups anywhere and this is a good way to exercise at home. It also has many benefits such as weight loss, improving posture, muscle tone, and avoiding injury. It is one of the most beneficial workouts for the upper body.

How to do push-ups:

  • To do push-ups, first lie down on the ground.
  • During this time your neck should be straight. Place your palms on the ground.
  • Now emphasize your hands and move the body down towards the ground until the chest starts touching the ground.
  • Now slowly move your body upwards. Stay in this position for a while.
  • Repeat this process.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:


Pilate is also very popular for reducing weight. This has not only physical but also mental benefits. Pilating keeps the body strong and it is also beneficial in making abs. By the way, Pilate Exercise is of many types. But, with roll-up weight loss exercise, there is a good exercise of stomach, waist, legs, etc.

How to do pilate:

  • To perform this weight loss exercise, first of all lie down on the mat on the ground.
  • Your waist should be perfectly straight and your hands should be in a comfortable position.
  • Now move your arms straight towards the ceiling.
  • After that, while exhaling, bring your chin towards the chest and come to the sitting position.
  • In this position, try to touch the feet with your hands.
  • Now get into the starting position and repeat this exercise again and again.

See the below GIF to understand clearly:

Apart from all these weight loss exercises, there are many other exercises that can be helpful in reducing weight, such as cycling, swimming, weight training, weight loss, yoga ( Yoga), etc. But the most important thing is to choose an exercise and do it regularly. Along with this, for the best results, keep in mind both your exercise and diet. Stay healthy and inspire others too.

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