Wearing masks can cause many skin problems, learn tips to save your skin


Wear Mask to be safe from Corona:

The Corona pandemic has troubled people in many ways. Since this virus has come, it has become very important for people to wear masks and it is highly recommended to wear masks to avoid Corona, but Since this virus has come, it has become very important for people to wear masks and it is highly recommended to wear masks to avoid Corona.

But according to new reports wearing masks is also causing many skin problems for people, such as those who have acne. Their problem even increased more and those who did not have acne also facing this problem now.

What is Maskne?

‘Maskne’ is a new skincare problem for wearing a mask for a long time.Maskne’ means acne due to mask. Dermatologists believe that wearing masks can also cause various skin problems, such as facial irritation. Let us tell you about this in detail.

Wearing a mask continuously can cause many skin problems, such as:

Acne: Acne occurs when your pores in the face are filled with oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. Wearing a mask for a long time brings excessive sweat to your face and builds oil, dart, and bacteria on your face. It can cause pimples, whiteheads, or blackheads.

Rosacea: If you have Rosacea, the use of a mask can increase this problem even more. This can cause pimples and redness.

Folliculitis: You may also experience itching or pain. In folliculitis, there is an infection in your hair follicles. Folliculitis is an infection in your hair follicles.

Causes of ‘Maskne’:

Wearing a mask for a long time brings more sweat, oil, and dart then the mask itself absorbs moisture, sweat, oil, and dirt present in the skin. Due to which there is a problem with pores closure. Small bumps, pores, swelling, burning, pressure sores, broken blood vessels are also problems you may face.

In most cases, the mask is the cause of closed pores. If you already have oily skin, infection, and dead skin, these problems increase even more. The risk of infection from moisture increases even more due to breathing and sweating inside the mask. There may be skin rashes, tingling, and burning sensation in the skin.

1.Wash your face regularly:

It is very important to clean your face three to four times a day to avoid any kind of infection. Especially clean your face every time after removing the mask. After this, leave the face open and do not apply any cream and anything for a while. Keep your skin clean and hydrated as well. For this, the use of Rosewater is also considered good. It helps to soothe skin irritation and reduce redness. You can buy the best rosewater by UrbanBotanics on Amazon.

Rosewater is commonly used to remove makeup. You can use rose water to cool your facial skin after the use of a mask. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you “wash the face twice a day or whenever sweating, then remove the mask and use the mask after drying.” Especially when you are wearing a mask for a long time.

2.Clean your face daily before sleeping at night:

Caring for your skin is very important not only during the day but also at night. If your skin remains covered in a mask throughout the day, then special care is very important at night. Clean and moisturize your face with facewash at night. Night has different types of cream for skin repair, you should use it.

In addition to repairing your damaged skin, you can also use a variety of homemade face packs at night, such as honey and banana packs are considered very good for the face. For this, make a face pack consisting of banana, honey, and raw milk, and oatmeal. Mix a few drops of rosewater in it.

3.Always use a soft cleanser to clean your face:

Mild Cleanser can protect your skin from allergies and help remove excess oil, perspiration, and bacteria present in the skin. To keep your skin good, avoid using a cleanser that contains any type of alcohol or perfume. These elements can cause skin irritation.

If you already have a skin problem, do not use it at all. If you are wearing a mask throughout the day, use a medicated cleanser with peroxide or salicylic acid. If you have sensitive skin, ask your doctor or dermatologist about the best type of medicated cleanser for your skin.

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4.Makeup Instructions:

Leave the makeup, while you are treating ‘Maskne’. Beauty products such as foundation, concealer, and blush can close your pores and heal for a long time. The use of all these can increase your facial problems even more. Many times the use of makeup products can increase the allergy on your face even more. The more you keep your skin free, the better it is.

5.Wash your mask after every use:

To be safe from any type of skin problem on your face, you must wash your mask after daily use. It is good for both health and skin. It is necessary to wash the mask daily according to the advice of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). After coming from outside, do not keep your mask without washing it. This will not cause problems in your skin. Mask absorbs your face sweat, which can be a cause of skin infection. You may have a rash or severe allergies after reusing a mask.

6.Remove your mask every 3-4 hours:

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends removing your mask for 15 minutes every 4 hours. This will help to relax your skin. But you should take off your mask only when you maintain social distance.

7.Apply moisturizer before wearing a mask:

If your skin becomes dry, the mask can irritate your skin. Applying a nonpyogenic moisturizer can help hydrate your skin. A moisturizer can also act as a barrier between your skin and a mask.

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8.Choose the right mask:

To avoid skin problems, also be careful with the type of mask you wear. Try to wear a face mask that is not too tight and fit to wear. Avoid masks made of nylon, or rayon. This type of mask also causes excessive sweating and skin problem may increase further. According to the WHO always use Fabric masks for better security. Buy a Fabric mask from Amazon.

9.Do not touch your face repeatedly:

After going outside, there may be many kinds of infections in the hands. If your skin is sensitive and already wearing a mask, do not make the mistake of putting your hands on the face. Do not touch the face again and again. This can also lead to many types of skin problems. To avoid skin problems, you should also wash your hands in a little while, otherwise, you may also have allergy problems.

10.Do not leave your skin care routine:

Regardless of the weather, do not leave your skincare routine. To avoid ‘Maskne’ problems, you must take good care of the skin daily. Perform cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. This keeps the skin hydrated.

For healthy skin, do this process thrice a day. Apart from this, keep wiping the face with wet tissue while sweating, because even after the face has remained moist, it can cause rash and allergies. Apart from this, it will be better if you use Derma skin products.

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