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What is Life Blow: Life Blow is a multi-author all-in-one platform for Health and Lifestyle. In Life Blow, we share very interesting and important articles for your Health & Lifestyle. “Health is Wealth” is our inspiration to build this community from all over the World.

Starting of Life Blow: ‘Life Blow’ was originally founded as ‘Hinarika’ in 2017. Later we changed the name to ‘Life Blow’ in 2018.

Legalization of Life Blow: Life Blow is a registered business in India as ‘Life Blow®’. The official address of ‘Life Blow’ is- Newtown Action Area III B, Kolkata, 700156, India. However, any physical address is not an important thing for us, we are built by an online community from all over the World.

Trustfulness of Life Blow: Every article published on ‘Life Blow’ is reviewed by Life Blow Admin Team. Therefore we confirm every article’s accuracy and trustworthiness before its published. If we find something suspicious we don’t allow the post from the particular author.

Earning of Life Blow: Life Blow’s earning mainly depends on advertising platforms like Adsense or Media.Net. Life Blow also earns money from sponsored posts published on our site.